Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016, ready or not!

Do I regret not blogging for 2 months straight? Yes. Will it happen again? Probably. But when you can't catch up you can't catch up, and I missed everything from Halloween to Christmas and 4 birthdays in between, so YEAH RIGHT about squeezing that all in.

The good news (it's only good news to me, it won't make any difference to you) is that in my non-blogging time I organized AAAAAAALL the pictures I have ever taken digitally! Thousands upon thousands spanning a decade and they are ORGANIZED - sorted by year, sorted further into month when necessary (the first few years of kids when we took 1,000 photos per month and every months was a milestone for someone), and all put onto my external hard drive - a project of its own because I had to reformat it. Technology and I go together like water and oil, so that was a HUGE success in my book that I didn't set the hard drive on fire (or something equally ridiculous - it could happen with me).

Also good news (but only good news for me, it won't make any difference to you), I've been plugging away at transcribing my journals! 30+ journals x 100 pages each = far to heavy. 100 pages x 1 ridiculous teenager = nobody wants to read all that nonsense. All the equations pointed towards downsizing those journals and I've made great progress - about 8 journals transcribed! I've lost pounds of paperweight AND saved someone from an emergency optometrist appointment from eyeball strain caused by all the eye rolls involved in reading a teenager's innermost thoughts (*involuntary shudder*).

The new year means out with the old and in with the new, and I wanted to be out with the old vague sense of guilt about those two monumental projects and in with a finished and organized product. In that vein it looks like it's going to be a good 2016!

Joe's resolution this year is to get more personal in his communication and choose calling over texting. Texting is quick and easy, but leaves room for misinterpretation, particularly misinterpretation of someone's tone, so he feels like he should take the time to really communicate. That said, he really doesn't call OR text me or anyone in our families, so this resolution only affects work.

My resolution is to say "no" to crazy. If I am asked to do something that I feel is unnecessary or over the top, I give myself permission to say "no," politely but firmly, and not feel guilty about it. For instance, I was watching a 1-year-old for a lady in our ward who worked, and what started as a small favor rapidly turned into an expectation on her part and bitterness on mine. Rather than continuing this negative train, I politely said that I was unable to keep watching her son all the time. I'd been upset so long about being taken advantage of, and all it took was a 2-minute conversation to take back control of my life! This also means asking for help when it is something that needs to be done but I feel overwhelmed doing it myself. Previously I've just pushed through the suckiness and felt drained and bitter afterwards, when really nobody was asking me to shoulder it alone - it was a matter of personal pride and pickiness that I did it all myself. Now I'm trying to be more flexible about how things get done - an imperative part of delegation is learning not to micromanage! Hopefully 2016 brings peace in my heart and not craziness in my head as I work to simplify using those resolutions.

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