Friday, October 17, 2014

Say it loud, say it clear

Random things the kids say that make me laugh

Caroline really loves unicorns and pegasus, but she pronounces it "pig-a-thif" and she is very particular that she pronounce it incorrectly every time.

Patrick was showing me that in school they learned about the "magic e" which, when places at the end of the word, make the vowel in front of it make a long sound (ex: mat v. mate). They also learned about "Defender D" and I have no idea what they actually learned because he incorrectly told me that a "d" makes an "e" at the end no longer magical. He explained, "I rid my bike." Ummmm.... nope.

Ethan is speaking better each day but sometimes he talks nonstop, especially when he's frustrated, and I assumed he was explaining to me in gibberish why he was so mad, which was kinda cute. With his voice inflection it actually sounds to me like a line from Dances With Wolves where one of the Native Americans is explaining about buffalo and he says (please forgive my phonetic spelling) "Tu mani tu tonk a obwa-chi." so when Ethan gibbers his frustration at me I would respond "tu mani tu tonk a obwa-chi!" Finally I figured out he is repeating "I want it," which is more like "IwanitIwanitIwanit," which is MUCH less cute.

Back on the cute side of Ethan, instead of naming emergency vehicles individually (like fire truck or police car) he calls anything with flashing lights a "wee-o wee-o." He uses this term in sentences, like "I see wee-o wee-o."

This morning after we read scriptures, which were talking about following Jesus and avoiding the influence of Satan, Patrick said, "mom, I know Satan's name. It's Christopher." Bwahahahahaha! You mean Lucifer, my dear.

Can't leave the adults out. I bought 2 10 lb. bags of potatoes, one for me and one for Kari, since they're on sale for 99 cents each. We already have potatoes but thought we should freeze some (we're both stocking up on food storage as Ebola continues to spread. Better safe than sorry), so I was carrying the bags to her house so we could peel, blanche, and freeze them. WELL. Two 10 lb. bags were making my hands cramp, so I hefted them into my arms but then the potatoes were slipping one by one from the top of the bag to the bottom so I had the keep hitching the slippery bags up... it's not a long trip across the street but these were giving me all kinds of trouble! In my frustration I thought, "Man, this is like trying to carry a sack of.... OH MAN.... that's was the saying is for! Like carrying a sack of potatoes!"

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