Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hopefully nobody's anaconda wants some of my house, because we got BUNS! Bunnies!

Meet Cinnabun (above) and Shadow (below)
 Our previous bunny, Easter, died only a few weeks after the blessed holiday of his namesake. We were all saddened by it, but since we purchased Easter at the fair we thought we could just wait a few months and do the same again. When the fair rolled around this August, we did just that. It seemed Easter had died a bit early (he was 6) and we read that bunnies, being very social, often live longer when they have a bunny companion. Not wanting to breed hundreds of bunnies, and also not wanting to pay to get bunnies neutered to avoid hundreds of bunnies, we bought two females. They're both young, less than 6 months old, which is supposed to make it easier for them to bond (I guess because they're not crotchety old women yet!). Bringing them home was sheer delight for our own brood of small humans, who immediately vied for spots.

 Cinnabun, the seemingly more timid of the two, his in the corner with the brooms and tried to look like a dust bunny! Very tricky.

 We put them in separate cages next to one another for a few days - they are supposed to get familiar with one another's scents and habits before being formally introduced. Once we introduced them, though, Cinnabun proved she is NOT the timid one and she fought Shadow, pulling out some of her fur, and then nipped my finger when I tried to pull her away. Whoops! Too soon! We realized if there was to be a much longer introduction period we would need much more permanent housing, so Joe got very busy and completely re-built the bunny hutch to house two bunnies - a common area in the middle, currently with wire mesh down the middle of the middle so they can get used to one another without any fighting or nipping. Then, of course, the kids had to paint it!

 And voila! We now have the most beautiful, colorful rabbit hutch, with two adorable bunnies.

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