Sunday, January 26, 2014

Art and Soul

Patrick enjoys his art class, his Christmas gift from my parents, and has been bringing home some nice pieces for me to display on our magnetic board (just some sheet metal actually intended for use in building HVAC ductwork, screwed up to the wall - like a fridge only BIGGER and things don't fly off when you open the door to get milk). Last week they worked on blending watercolors. Very nice flower!

For his birthday my Kari and Jonathan got him this art kit, it has paints and oil pastels and instructions (they say inspirations) on how to create your own masterpiece. Ta-Da! What would happen if van Gogh had painted when he was 6 and smiley faces were all the rage.

One afternoon at home he busted out a very detailed picture for me NOT to display, he created it specifically to put in his memory book so he could remember what a great artist he was when he was 6 (hence the 6 in the middle of the sky). I have had to ask him multiple times to let me keep it up so I can enjoy (giggle at) it, like the details of trees smashed into the footprints and tiny stick people running away from burning buildings.

Finally, he spent a quick 10 minutes on his backup iPad, the Etch-a-Sketch (currently grounded from the real one since he becomes the world's biggest pain in the neck when it comes to sharing said device) and created a DRAGON. Look carefully, the entire thing is covered in SCALES. His etching skills are not to be believed, we will soon have a show-down with the real-live Etch from Toy Story.


Jeanette said...

Seriously he did that on the Etch a sketch?!?!? Amazing!! I can barely even make a straight line! Seriously impressed by that boys art skills.

Elsha said...

DUDE. That kid has some serious skills!