Saturday, September 17, 2011

We've been better

It's been a doozy of a week for us and injuries.  The doctors all know us, the insurance hates us, and if Eli gets hurt we're sure to have Family Services after us.

Last Saturday Patrick fell off his tricycle on the driveway, somehow landing with the trike on top of him, and he immediately complained (OK, screamed) of a hurt arm.  Well, toddlers scream about hurt everything, they need band-aids for bumping their pinky toesand bonking their heads, so we gave him Tylenol and decided to just keep an eye on it.  He was using his arm with full range of motion by the end of the evening, no complaints, so we decided we must be in the clear.

Fast forward to Wednesday.  Easter the Bunny was playing in the house and had made himself comfortable in the boys' room, but it was time to go back in his cage so I could get ready for my sister's visit with her kids.  I got the bunny from their room (getting wicked scratched in the process, it's definitely a two-handed affair) and came out to find Caroline on the top stair. Patrick was upstairs with me so, me with no hands, I told him to sit with her at the top while I put the bunny in his cage - as long as she has company she isn't tempted to head back down!  As I hoisted him into the cage outside I heard Patrick run down the stairs, yelling "I found a bunny turd!" and then, inevitably, a huge THUMP.  Caroline had lost her company and tried to follow her brother down the stairs.  Normally this isn't a huge deal, our stairs are carpeted half-flights, so nobody's going too far or on too hard of a surface. No matter how may times you tell a kid to be careful they don't believe you until they've been hurt, so these relatively short, soft stairs provide a good proving ground that "oh, yeah, mom IS right, I DO need to be careful, that DID hurt!" without actually getting hurt.

Except blasted Wednesday.  When she fell she bit her tongue so badly.  Having only two teeth on the BOTTOM, and seeing a huge gash across the TOP, I assumed she had bit completely through her tongue.  GROOOOSSSSSS!  So we called my sister to say we wouldn't be there to greet her and rushed to the ER.  Turns out she did NOT bite through her tongue, she must have had it curled up in some completely illogical way, so they didn't do anything, no stitches, nothing but numbing cream.  She's been surprisingly good about the whole thing, has gotten back to her normal eating habits (for the most part) and still naps and sleeps. It just happens that it is still grooooosssssss to look at (so of course I'll post a picture!)    

While we were at the hospital we asked about Patrick's arm, which he still said hurt if you grabbed it.  They said it was possibly broken, we could go to our regular pediatrician and get a prescription for an x-ray.  Fast forward to Friday.  We went back to the pediatrician for a follow-up on Caroline's tongue they wrote us the prescription for an x-ray and, sure enough, it's broken.  So we got to go back to the ped's office, get a splint, go back to the hospital for the x-rays (they should have given them to us while we were there!) and on Monday get to go to Children's Orthopedic to get a cast.  WOW.  What a fun doctor-visit-filled week!

Let's never do that again.


Kathy said...

So sorry it ended up being broken. That stinks. Caroline's tongue does look pretty gross. I hope this upcoming week life is not so eventful.

Elsha said...

If next time I come to visit one of your kids bites their tongue then we'll know for sure I'm jinxed.

P.S. Kalena was SO SAD today when she woke up from nap and asked to go back to Patrick's house and we told her no.

Kari and Jonathan said...

Woofta, what a terrible week! Glad to hear everything is relatively back to normal now, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that Eli stays in the clear!

Eric and Amy said...

Ouch for both kiddos!