Monday, July 18, 2011

Bruised and Battered

Poor Joe.. he can't catch much of a break when it comes to getting beat up. His cordless drill fell off the top of his car, right on his toe, and he was in flip flops. He's pretty positive it broke his toe, but there's nothing to be done for a broken toe so we didn't even get it checked out. A week later it still won't bend. Then, at work he was lifting a 9' length of cabinets (so, heavy), Joe on one side and a co-worker on the other, and he hoisted the cabinets up the end panel he was holding completely ripped off, dropping the weight of the cabinet straight down his thigh. That's not a tiny thigh, so that's not a tiny bruise. Men's legs and feet are unattractive enough without adding insult to injury... or, in Joe's case, adding injury to insult :(


Elsha said...


Kari and Jonathan said...

OUCH! Poor guy!

Kathy said...

That does look painful. Give him 2 cookies and kiss it better and maybe it will be less painful.