Friday, June 24, 2011

5 Years

*Again, old post that wouldn't publish.*
We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this weekend. It seems like a decently big milestone, but at the same time we've done LOTS of things in 5 years so it's also like, "that's IT?!"

We were explaining to Patrick that we got married a "long time ago" and he totally understood. "When you were married, and the dinosaurs lived on the earth..." Ummmm, not THAT long ago, buddy!

We were lucky enough to have two wonderful babysitters, my in-laws, so we could go out to dinner and shopping (Home Depot, we finally replaced our broken kitchen light! Only took us 2 years). While eating dinner I was celebrating that it's officially a pretty serious relationship :) He dated another girl for 3 or so years and they bought a house together, so until we'd been together at least 3 years and had bought a house together I kind of felt like our relationship was inferior, we hadn't ever gone as far as they had gone. Of course, we have kids together, so I knew it was silly to feel that way, but I'm a girl and girls do silly things. So as I was poking fun at myself Joe very sweetly and very seriously said, "I was more serious about you the day we got engaged. I was more serious about you the day I knew I WANTED to marry you." That melted my heart! And he was totally right, it didn't really matter if they were together 3 months or 3 years or *gasp!* even more than 5 years, he never wanted to marry her, and he never did. Which all begs the question of why they bought a house together, but let's not go there tonight...
So I'm a silly girl, enjoying my husband and my kids and my house and my 5 years, and it looks like it's pretty serious :)

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Congrats and happy anniversary!