Monday, December 13, 2010


We visiting Grand Junction for Thanksgiving (I know, been a while!) and though Joe had the whole week off work we weren't sure I would be able to avoid working, with Black Friday in retail and all that jazz. We wouldn't know my schedule until very close to time, too close to buy tickets for a decent price, but we wanted to have an adventure and have the boys ride the train, so we settled for a nice compromise and Joe took the train with Patrick down the Junction while Eli and I drove; that way we had a car in case we needed to be back early for me to work, with the added bonus that the train ride is 7 hours and Eli was probably going to be a terror by the end of it. Joe said they had a good time, though after about 4 or 5 hours Patrick was just ready for it to be over, and after 40+ tunnels he was a little freaked out by tunnels... but maybe we'll do it as a family in a few years! Excellent viewing car views! I love the drive to Junction because of the scenery, so I can imagine I would love it even more from a train. Patrick had lots of leg room! He really wanted to touch the train wheels, but dad said no. As we guessed, the best part about trains is being outside the train looking at it - once you're stuck inside, the luster wears off.

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Cute pictures! He told me at the Pepsi Center that he didn't like the train because of all the tunnels, but he did want to stand there and watch the train go by for hours. Funny man.