Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just to catch up, things are good!
-Eli's rolling over like a champ, and can get all around the living room using his scooting/rolling techniques. He is also very grabby, so if you hold him, watch out! He'll tip your dinner plate right into your lap.

-Due to his increasing size and mobility, Eli has moved out of his cradle and into a pack n play. Soon he'll be in the crib in Patrick's room, but for the moment Patrick seems to be traumatized that Eli is sleeping in the crib, when clearly the crib is PATRICK'S (even though he moved straight from the cradle into the bed he's in now, skipping cribs entirely).

-Patrick was inspired by cousin Nana's (Kalena's) potty success, so when Joe whipped his diaper off and pronounced he would now be using the potty, Patrick obliged. So far, two weeks down, we've only had one pee accident, and that was because he couldn't make it to the potty in time. 3 poop accidents, though, so when he DOES have a diaper (like when we run errands) he makes good use of it. It works out for both of us, I think :)

- Joe's been working like crazy, but in his time off he still managed to make planters and help me plant my spring veggies. I think I planted things a little late this year, but my spinaches are doing GREAT! Looking forward to lots of food storage this year.

- The weather has still been chilly, but the boys have enjoyed being outdoors, especially going on bike rides. Joe and I have been enjoying the extra excercise, even if our butts are pretty sore :)


Elsha said...

Eli has the best expression in that picture.

Kari and Jonathan said...

I LOVE that picture of Eli! So cute! I always love reading your updates.

hibiscusgirl said...

so cute! glad all is well.

I doubt max will ever be potty trained. He'll run around in a wet soggy diaper all day. He does pee on the tiolet or outside but only if it's HIS idea. jeez....stubborn 2 year olds!

Eric and Amy said...

We're looking forward to some bike rides this summer. I want to find one of those carts to tow behind a bike. Will you keep your eyes out for one? I figure you'll have better luck getting a deal in Denver then we'll have here...